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Our Guiding Principles

Fullerton College Student Services fosters an inclusive environment and transformational experience for all students.  We embrace principles of collective ownership to facilitate student success outcomes.  We are guided by the following principles (*under development):

  1. We promote a safe and welcoming environment for all students to thrive.
  2. We empower students to take ownership of their academic and professional goals.
  3. We strive to develop a collective identity through interdependence where trust, empowerment, respect, collaboration, inclusion, and equity guide our decision-making.
  4. We are committed to shared responsibility for developing priorities to reach our collective goals

Our Vision

Fullerton College Student Services will advance the mission of Fullerton College by providing all students with holistic support services.  As a team, we strive to provide each student with a positive and transformational experience.   Through collective ownership, excellence and equity-focused practices, we empower students to take ownership of their academic and career paths.

Please use the following links or the menu above to explore the Programs & Services available to Fullerton College students and don’t forget to check out our Blog & Updates page!  *Under Development

FC Snapshot

Hornet Highlights in Student Services: 2019/2020 Edition

Vice President of Student Services

Gilbert J. Contreras, Ph.D.

Gilbert J. Contreras, Ph.D.

Vice President, Student Services

Welcome to Fullerton College, Home of Hornets!

We enthusiastically welcome you to Hornet Nation!  Fullerton College is a vibrant college campus that takes pride in our “radically student-centered” approach to help students reach their educational and career goals.  Our entire team works tirelessly to help students “CROSS THAT STAGE” at graduation and at Fullerton College we live by the motto “Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet!”  We have been helping students transform the world for more than a century.  Welcome home to the Fullerton College family—where tradition, innovation, diversity, equity, and excellence thrive!

Go Hornets!!!

Contact Information: GContreras@fullcoll.edu

Executive Support Staff: Sharon Kelly – Skelly@fullcoll.edu

Phone Number: (714) 992-7074

Our Leadership

Dr. Albert Abutin

Dr. Albert Abutin

Dean, Enrollment Services

Dr. Jennifer LaBounty

Dr. Jennifer LaBounty

Dean, Counseling & Student Development

Dr. Elaine Lipiz Gonzalez

Dr. Elaine Lipiz Gonzalez

Dean, Student Support Services

Steve Selby

Steve Selby

Director, Campus Safety

State Chancellor’s Office Information


State Chancellor’s Office – Contact Information

Mailing Address
1102 Q Street, Suite 4400
Sacramento, CA 9581
email the Chancellor’s Office

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