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Health Center

During the COVID-19 closure please refer to this link:

Health Center

Fullerton College Health Center is currently providing both virtual and in person services. Visit for more info.

The Fullerton College Health Center Advice Line is (714) 992-7093. In person office hours are Monday – Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Fridays are closed to in person appointments, however, some virtual appointments are available.

Virtual Mental Health Counseling is also offered through the Fullerton College Health Center by calling (714) 992-7093.

Many of our campus and community resources may be found on

Behavioral Health

Students enrolled at Fullerton College may receive mental health counseling, psychological services and referrals at no cost. These services are designed to help students adjust to college life, cope with personal challenges, gain self-awareness, and address psychological concerns. Students may meet with a licensed mental health professional for an initial screening and evaluation to determine how the student’s mental health needs can best be met.

For appointment information, please contact Health Services
or call (714) 992 – 7093.

Many support resources may also be found within our radical care site:

COVID-19 Updates

There is no check-in center for the Fall 2022 semester.

COVID-19 updates may be found on

Info regarding masks and testing may be found on

Student Support Resource Team (SSRT)

The Fullerton College Student Support Resource Team (SSRT) responds to concerns about student well-being and safety. These concerns may be regarding suspicion of or actual self-harm, and/or possible threats of harm to others. If you are working with a student who may be at immediate risk for self-harm or may pose a safety threat to others, it is critical to immediately call Campus Safety at ext. 27777 from a campus phone, (714) 992-7777 from a cell phone or use one of the Emergency Phones located on campus. You may then submit a report to SSRT for additional follow up after appropriate emergency response has been arranged.

Click here to submit a report

It is also helpful to refer students of concern to the Student Support Resource Team (SSRT) who may not yet be in a crisis situation, but may be at risk in the future without appropriate intervention and access to resources. With early reporting, assessment, and intervention, we can prevent crises and help support students to reach their goals.