Smart Start Saturday 2019 was a record-breaking success, with over 1200+ Hornets in attendance and 744 student I.D. cards issued with the help of over 200 staff! 

1,211 Hornets were served at this year’s Smart Start Saturday 2019, including 757 students.  A total of 214 Fullerton College managers, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers were present to help welcome our on-boarding Hornets.  Fullerton College issued issued 744 campus IDs to our new Hornet and gave them information about the many on-campus resources and clubs available to enrolled students.  The Counseling Center was also available to assist with quick consultations about their educational planning needs. 

Thank you to all the Student Services offices and the entire campus community for this very special day at Fullerton College.  Special thanks to Sharon Kelly for leading these efforts.

Please enjoy the highlights from our video and photo gallery below!